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Logan McKnight & the Time Shapers

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“Bound to travel to the future to save his present.”

Logan McKnight & the Time Shapers is a series blending fantastic, thriller and sci-fi focusing on human obsessions and future utopian and dystopian societies, where even utopian ones become dystopian, as history has shown. Logan McKnight is a man whose physic powers are being exploited by masterminds acting behind the scenes to explore the future and, sometimes, the past for their own ends . Logan McKnight is a time travel slave.

The first book in the Logan McKnight & the Time Shapers series will include the following stories along with others in the pipeline.

Zero Emissions

In the Sweden of the future the protection of the environment is the society’s main priority. The whole country has embarked in a sacred mission which tolerates no dissent: Zero Emissions.

The Rape Free Society

In a near future, the state of California decides to erase the crime of rape for ever. A new, highly controversial law will pander to each and everyone’s sexual needs in what it’s described as the “democratization of sex”.

Weapon of Mass Gratification

Once upon a time, before losing everything, Ben was a successful man with a fulfilled, happy life. Today, in order to fight his depression, he feeds his hurt ego with social media reward consisting of daily Facebook likes and comments. But he soon becomes dependent on those rewards and realises he can’t live without them anymore.

I Know Who Did 9/11

Norman Washington wasn’t a man of great conviction, but there was one thing he was really passionate about, and that was 9/11. He had no doubts: it was a cover-up and he was the one who would have discovered the Truth. I know who did 9/11 is a journey throughout the mind of a man who, in good faith, commits his life, and the one of his beloved dog, Oswald, to a superior goal he honestly believes he can achieve against all the odds.

The Book of Thrills

Stephen lives a dull life in which he has never taken a risk or chanced his luck. His only passion is reading crime fiction and absorbing all the thrills he lacks in his life. But one day the stories come looking for payback.


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